A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Rogue Android is a roguelike top-down shooter that features deckbuilding as a core mechanic. Create a deck of various abilities, then put it to the test in a procedurally generated death labyrinth! Cards are activated by spending Energy, which is earned by killing enemies. Yay, feedback loops!

Rogue Android is still very early in development, so much of what you see now will likely change. I certainly plan on adding many new rooms, enemies, cards, bosses, and extra features into the mix! On that note, I'd love to hear any and all constructive feedback you have on the game thus far. I want Rogue Android to be the best game it can be, and getting its players' opinions is my top priority.

Interested in getting updates on the project? I'm all over the social media!

Thanks for stopping by!

V0.2.1 (Dec. 13)

  • Fixed crashing on Windows
  • New reward type: card upgrades
  • New Chamber 1 enemy type: drone

V0.2 released Dec. 5! What's new?

  • New Chamber 2 boss
  • New enemy type: Sploders
  • New Chamber 1 enemy patterns
  • New Chamber 1 music
  • Card tier system: "Advanced" cards are extra powerful, but can only be found via in-game exploration.
  • New card: Advanced Laser
  • New card: Combat Rifle
  • New card: Turret Buddy
  • Lowered Energy drop rates
  • Made Energy Orbs despawn more quickly
  • Made Blaster auto-fire
  • Increased Blaster range
  • Shortened level generator corridor lengths
  • UI updates
  • Moved Turret Face spawn point away from boss activator
  • New coin sprite
  • Bug fixes
  • Optimization

Install instructions

To play the game, simply download the appropriate .zip file, unzip it anywhere, and run the appropriate file.


RogueAndroid_Windows_0.2.1.zip (23 MB)
RogueAndroid_Linux_0.2.1.zip (59 MB)
RogueAndroid_Mac_0.2.1.zip (42 MB)


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wow, this game is cool and fun

Thanks for checking it out! :)

Really nice game dude !

Thanks a lot! And thanks for playing :)